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Bio spelt whole grain flour ( Bio špaldová celozrnná múka)

It is produced from spelt food wheat. The production of spelt flour runs, after removal of several layers of flakes, on mill machines up to the stadium of powder. All grain parts are contained in this flour. With a little of exaggeration we can consider a milled spelt grain as milled seeds of a medicinal herb and at the same time it has a high energy potential. When added into bakery production, into pasta we get a new kind of food of a quality taste. It is a product designed to be used in healthy nutrition.

Bio barley whole grain flour (Bio jačmenná celozrnná múka)

Barley belongs among the oldest cereals. High energy value of flour is suitable for hardworking people and sportsmen. It is also suitable for older people. It has favorable influence at heart and stomach problems and at constipation. It contains saccharides, proteins, fats only in lower rate. Vitamins of B and E group, panthothenic acid, folic acid, minerals from silicates group. Contained fibrous material lowers cholesterol level in blood. Use: whole grain flour can be used as admixture to wheat flours, into gravies, puddings, pancakes, fried doughs and bread. It is an appropriate flour for the supporters of a healthy lifestyle.
Amaranth light flour ( amarantová bledá múka)

It is obtained  from  prince's-feather   seed   (Amaranthus cruentus). It has high energy value and also contains lysine which supports production of cerebral cells and regenerates them at older people.  It also influences high cholesterol level positively. We can add it  into cakes and pastas max. 30% (in order the original shape of cakes could be preserved). It tastes very good. Macrobioticers and vegetarians sought for it  very much. The foostuff can help us to fight against civilizational deseases.

Fibrous amaranth flour (amarantová vlákninová múka)

It is produced from prince´s feather seed. (Amaranthus cruentus). When it is milled on soft flour it also contains surface fibrous parts supporting activity of digestive system. The flour can be used for coating, it can be added into wheat flour max. 30% of volume. We can bake potato pancakes, pancakes, flat low bread. It  does not contain  gluten therefore it suits for people with glutenless diet. It is interesting for confectioners because of nutty taste. It recommends for nutrition of older people, regenerates cerebral cells and it is also sought out by sportsmen, macrobioticers, vegetarians. It reduces cholesterol level.  

Potbarley (jačmenné krúpy)

It is made from corn of food barley. Barley belongs to the oldest crops. Potbarley  is used at home similarly to rice. It is suitable for preparation of soup, pot grit or as an additive to cereal baker´s products. It is a source of vitamines and health mineral substances. It used to be a favourite food for our grandparents.

Eatable corns (jedlé obilie)

They are from food summer wheat. In the process of  eatable corn production  we use sorting machines for corn selection  only of a good quality and cleaning machine for mechanical removing of impurities from corn surface under continuos suction up of impurities. At home we process eatable corns by milling, cooking and germinating. Thus we can obtain raw material with high content of fibre which is added into meals to improve health features. It is suitable to use germinated eatable corns for preparation of vegetable salads.  

Wholewheat flour (pšeničná celozrnná múka)

It is produced from food summer wheat. In the preparation for milling corn grains pass through cleaning, mechanical process and so first of all particles are sorted out and separated (little stones, bigger and smaller grains). Then grains are moved into chafing machine which throws grains up against holes in the punch sieve during the rotative process. So  grain surface is ground  mechanically. All particles are removed and sucked out from the surface or rest of residues from treatment of wheat during growing. After this process  the whole grain is milled on flour which contains all nutrients, fibres and minerals. Products which are suitable for health nutrition are prepared from this flour.

'Gold ear' wheat grit flour (pšeničná múka hrubá zlatý klas)

It is produced from food summer  wheat. It is flour whose name responses to it exactly. It can simply be said that it can be obtained from wheat corn as a little kernel from a nut. It is produced by old developed technology of Central European type. In the beginning phase of milling  the corns on the first cylinders are pressed down softly and hard core - semolina jumps out from glassy wheat which will separate and sort   independently. By processing the mentioned above flour will arise and it is used in  the pastas industry, in the production of dumplings and other products. Flour is suitable for use according to your determinated  recipes.

T-1050 wheat brown bread flour (pšeničná múka tmavá)

It is produced from summer food wheat by old, well-known technology in our country, on Pardubice mill machines. It is important kind of wheat flour used into bread dough. Products from brown bread flour are darker, favourite mainly for their aromatic taste and smell. How dark flour is it depends on increased part of milled up fibre. In the recipes of health nutrition it serves as a main connecting part in cereal products e.g. graham, amaranth or other cereals.

Semolina  fibre wheat flour (semolina vlákninová)

It is produced from food wheat  (Triticum durum). During production the part of fibre surface of corn is left  in flour. Thus it  improves  quality  of health nutrition value. We can make pastas from it with content of  natural fibres. Pastas from semolina flour do not boil over. Other cereals e.g. graham can be added . It is predetermined  for its interesting features as a connecting part for recipes of health nutrition.

Semolina wheat flour (semolina)

It is produced from food wheat (triticum durum) and it is used in the pastas production. It has very tough gluten and so pastas do not boil over. Spaghetti and macaroni are made from this flour in Italy. It is also suitable for thickening of soup, pudings. Recipes for pastas production can be improved by semolina flour e.i. by adding a certain amount by your own consideration.

Special wheat brans  (pšeničné otruby)

They are produced from food summer wheat. In the process of milling the scaly parts - brans are separated after separation of almost all flour parts. Wheat brans are special used as a health supplement of nutrition. In a certain amount on the basis of doctor´s recommendation they effect  health  in removing of  clogg stool. Brans are clear fibre in fact. 

Rye wholemeal flour (ražná celozrnná múka)

It is produced from eatable corn - sowed rye. The whole rye corn is  used for production. Thus we can obtain flour for backing together with fibre and vitamines which are hidden in the hull. It changes taste and extend soft of product. It can be used into small bread and a cake baked from yeast dough. We add it into  wheat flour max.  up to 40% of volume. It affects  digestive system positively.

T-500 rye superfine flour  (ražná bledá)

It mills from corns - sowed rye. Bakers seek it out for its light colour. It does not change the colour of light products e.g. superfine bread. It has a small ash content, a strong taste,  it  improves life  and smooth of products. It recommends for meal preparation to improve its taste.

Soft light spelt wheat flour  (špaldová jemná bledá)

It is made from food wheat (triticum spelta). It is produced by milling from age-old  kind of non-cultivated  wheat. It contains high effective factors useful for health and also soft nutty flavour.  When added into flour dough its taste is changed markedly and at the same time the product is fortified in healthy factors, vitamines (B, A, E), minerals (P, Me, Mg), high proportion of fatty acids.  At using recipes we will add max. 30% of spelt flour  to keep  shape and product features during baking and cooking.

Soft spelt brans (špaldové otruby jemné)

They are made from spelt food wheat  which was a forerunner of summer wheat. Original health features of cereal are kept in it.  Spelt brans are suitable as a part of health nutrition because of its  composition. It supports activity of digestive system. They also change taste of flour products, cakes, pancakes, home-made bread. We add max. 5%  into flour products. Thus cakes keep their own original shape.

Decorative rustic packages

They are made from non-woven, hygienic unfaulty textiles. Declaration of compliance   valid in EU is made out to textiles.  Packages are suitable for food (flour), natural products.  They are airborne and therefore they are suitable for packages of dried medicinal verbs. It can be delivered together in the group packages  or separatelly.


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